War and Peach

Feb 07, 2017 | 304 Pages

By Susan Furlong

I’ve been fortunate to have many strong female influences in my life: my grandmothers and aunts, sisters, caring teachers, and above all, my own mother. I’m grateful to these women, both past and present, who have showed me what it means to be a formidable female. And perhaps most importantly, that being strong doesn’t necessarily mean keeping up with my male counterparts, but being wholeheartedly and unapologetically ME. It means I can be a real bad ass when needed and still be compassionate and nurturing. I can be physically and emotionally strong, yet be soft and nurturing and admit when I need help or comfort. I can go to the workplace, or the gym, or wherever, match the intensity and ferocity of any male and still come home to kiss boo-boos and wipe away tears, enjoy ‘girly makeovers’ with my daughters, and lovingly prepare a meal for my husband.

To me, being a strong female means I like what I like, and I am who I am. No apologies.

I strive to create indomitable, dynamic female characters in each book I write. In the Georgia Peach Mysteries, readers are introduced to Nola Mae Harper, a Georgia Belle who epitomizes the strength, courage and undeniable grit of her Southern female ancestors. Having traveled the world as a humanitarian aid worker, she’s faced unimaginable hardships and witnessed firsthand the devastation and poverty endured by many peoples in third world countries and she brings these experiences back home to her Southern roots and her hometown of Cays Mill, Georgia. It’s no wonder that when Nola comes face to face with family misfortunes, community debacles and even murder, she’s able to draw from her inner strength and tackle obstacles with true female strength. Sometimes that means relying on the support of her family and friends and sometimes it means taking out the trash … literally. Whatever the situation calls for, Nola is up for the challenge. She’s sure and capable, confident and compassionate, loving and strong … she’s my type of gal.