If the Haunting Fits, Wear It

A Haunted Vintage Mystery

By Rose Pressey

Kensington, $7.99


July 2017

Before Cookie Chanel, a vintage boutique owner, heads to the Kentucky Derby, she makes one stop. Unable to turn away from an estate sale, she checks out the attic hoping to find a few vintage hats which her client Danielle Elstron was interested in. Cookie finds more than a few fashionable items. She finds the ghost of the former homeowner who is now a resident ghost. As soon as Maureen learns Cookie can see her she asks if she can help find her murderer. She’s determined to join Cookie and her companion, Charlotte, who is also a ghost. Along for the ride to Kentucky, is Windsong, a white cat harboring the soul of Cookie’s grandmother.

After arriving in Kentucky, Cookie attends a charity luncheon at the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs. When Charlotte moves toward the lady’s room, she finds a dead man lying on the floor. Cookie calls 911 and attempts CPR, but the man is clearly dead. After the police arrive, Danielle approaches to learn what happened and that is Ramon Gooden is no longer competition on the track. Unable to cross over, he seeks the assistance of Cookie and her team.

With the focus of her investigation finding Ramon’s killer, the unusual team of amateur sleuths have a lot to deal with. It could have been any number of things that caused Ramon’s death: an angry wife, a mistress trying to make trouble, stable staff issues, the mysterious black truck driver, arguments before the murder, or an alternative plan of the owner of the horse Ramon was going to race.

If The Haunting Fits, Wear It is a light version of the show “Ghost Whisperer,” but with sense of humor. The ghosts are like friends from another generation who for whatever reason are drawn to Cookie. Maybe she’s the daughter they never had or they had unfinished business and helping her resolve the case will earn their passage to heaven. Either way, this fast-moving mystery is sweet with enough clues leading to the guilty party to keep you curious. Liked the idea of the ghostly sleuths lending an invisible hand. Has to be difficult juggling so many ghosts. The author solved a lot, trying not to leave loose threads. Would have liked to have seen more interaction with the grandmother/cat. Perhaps a telepathic connection. Coming in to the series at book 5, would have liked to have read about Cookie’s early experiences as a medium and if it runs in the family. Also, I think it’s a general rule that only official investigators can collect evidence at the scene of the crime. Cookie should have given the evidence she picked up to the police right away or simply left it. All in all, I did enjoy reading this cozy. Hope to read more about Cookie and Charlotte’s cases. Tell us more about why Charlotte remains with Cookie.

Three Kentucky Derby Hats out of five

Denise Fleischer


May 14, 2017