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By Hitchcock

the Cat of the Bad Luck Cat Mysteries

I know there are people who claim black cats are bad luck, that we’re witches’ familiars, that you should never let us cross your path. I’m here to tell you, that’s a bunch of hooey. My name is Hitchcock, and I’m a perfectly friendly and harmless pure black cat. There are those in the Texas Hill Country who will refer to me as the Bad Luck Cat. Like there’s any such thing. Duh. There isn’t. And as far as being a familiar – the only thing I’m extremely familiar with is eating and sleeping.  Like most every cat. I never even knew a witch. If I saw one streaking across the sky on a broom, I’d probably run and hide – same as you.

Now that we have that craziness out of the way, let me tell you a little more about myself. I spent the better part of my life fending for myself and finding table scraps here and there. That was before I met Sabrina Tate.  Yes, the soon-to-be-famous (in my humble cat opinion) mystery author, Sabrina Tate. She’s the one who named me Hitchcock shortly after I started sitting on her window sill and watching her write. She said I helped her with the suspense in her writing and that’s why she named me Hitchcock. Seems there was some dude with the same name who made some suspenseful movies. She could’ve named me Adam and I’d’ve been fine with that, so long as it meant I’d get to live with Sabrina in the Monte Carlo cottage at her Aunt Rowe’s Around-the-World cottages.

In spite of living in one place these days, I still make the rounds pretty well. People who live nearby have gotten to know me. They watch out for me – just in case I’m trying to slip into their car or truck when they least expect it. The beauty of living at the cottages is there are always new people arriving to rent a cottage – new people who don’t expect me to hitchhike with them.  Catching a ride’s the easiest way to make it into town, and who can expect a cat to sit around in the same spot all day long when there are mysteries to solve. Sabrina’s good, but without my help I’m not sure how quickly she could solve a crime. Not to mention she really needs someone to watch out for her and keep her safe. I’m her man – err, cat – and I don’t let her out of my sight for very long lest she head down a dangerous path.

You can read more about us in the new Bad Luck Cat Mystery – The Black Cat Sees His Shadow – by Kay Finch. Kay’s a cat person from way back – beginning on a farm in Pennsylvania where she wrote mystery stories as a little girl and once had 17 cats at the same time.  Later, she moved to Houston, Texas, where she joined a critique group with other “cat mystery” people you may know – Leann Sweeney and Miranda James. Kay wrote a lot of mysteries with her kitty, Alice, by her side. And the rest, as they say, is cat mystery history.