9780425282038My Farmers Daughter series (book #2 Sowed to Death just out!) is set in Lovett, a fictional rural farming community in Michigan.

It doesn’t take long to drive through what passes for downtown Lovett.  You’ll pass the General Store, the Feed Store, St. Andrews Church and the Lovett Diner.

The Lovett Diner is the center of the universe in Lovett.  Every small town has one.  It’s where locals gather for breakfasts that will sustain them during a morning of hard work—three eggs, a stack of pancakes, half a dozen rashers of bacon and a serving of hash browns.  All washed down with coffee served in thick white mugs.

No one in Lovett needs Twitter or Facebook—all information, gossip and news is spread right there at the Lovett Diner as efficiently as through any form of social media or iPhone app.

Truckers stop in late at night for something to eat—turkey on white bread with gravy, meatloaf and mashed potatoes or whatever the special of the day is.  But by then the locals have long since gone to bed.

We had a diner in the town in New Jersey where I grew up and it’s still there although all sorts of fancy shops have sprung up around it. The cook, standing behind the counter, managed to juggle numerous tasks at once—frying eggs, turning bacon, flipping hamburgers and plunging fries into their hot oil bath all while plating the orders the waitresses leave on slips of paper impaled on a spike set near the stove.

And of course in New Jersey we had Taylor ham and the sandwich known as the New Jersey Breakfast—Taylor ham, an egg and cheese…with or without ketchup.

What are your favorite diner meals?


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