51flunry2nlMelody’s Key

By Dallas Coryell

Asher Rain Publications

305 pages

e-book Kindle

June 24, 2016

Young Adult Contemporary Romance

Tegan Lockwood put aside her desire to go to college so that she could help her parents with the family business: Lockwood Holiday in Southern England. It always seemed there was so much to be done and her family needed everyone aboard to care for guests in their historic home. Summer was even more hectic with one group after another demanding their attention: singles, retired folks, the LGBT group and young families. Until the end of summer bonfire, this was their life. Then they would venture to their autumn part time jobs to help make ends meet.

When guests shared the stories of their lives, the stories often found their way into her music. A talented musician, she escapes the hectic lifestyle by reading the long-written words of Violet and the man she loved, Jonathan. Sadly, she learned that an arranged marriage to Gregory Lockwood will forever keep the lovers apart.

Those historic love letters were one welcome distraction in her life to help her forget things she didn’t want to remember. The second comes in the form of a celebrity guest. Tegan learns from her sister that Mason Keane, an American pop star, is coming to their manor house. Her parents feel it’s an amazing opportunity for them. David Crandle and his assistant, Vivian, arrange it. Tegan feels he is everything that was wrong with the music industry, but sometimes the heart feels differently. When she truly gets to know the real Mason, she’ll learn she’s wrong.

Several things here. One, way to go for a man to write a romance. His story captures the heart of a woman. Melody’s Key is really descriptive, which at times I liked, or didn’t mind, but sometimes felt a little too much as it slows the storyline down. Loved the real relationship Tegan’s family had. They never held back on what they had to say. Liked that Tegan’s best friend had her full support. She respected him for who he was and even stood up to those who would bully him. Wish there was more about Violet and Jonathan. The truth is, Violet’s baby wasn’t Lockwood’s, so that would make them not the heirs of the manor. Hope no one finds out. Lots of personality, in this book with all the characters. Liked the ending, as well.

Four keys out of five

Denise Fleischer


September 18, 2017