A Panicked Premonition

A Psychic Eye Mystery

By Victoria Laurie

A Berkley Prime Crime Book

Hardcover, 353 pages

July 4, 2017

In Victoria Laurie’s latest “A Psychic Eye Mystery,” Psychic and FBI consultant Abby Cooper’s husband’s security and panic room business is booming. The partners and their wives are exhausted trying to keep up with business. This is until Dutch, one of the partners doesn’t come home one night. If they thought dealing with ultra-rich Murielle was difficult, trying to locate Dave McKenzie and stumbling onto a murder scene beats her behavior by a mile.

A bloody handprint at the Roswell home leads forensics to believe that Dave, the contactor, was responsible for the couple’s death and that of their gardener and maid. The Roswells were gunned down in their home. Abby, and her best friend/former business partner, Candice, are the first to arrive. The negative energy is difficult for Abby to handle. They had hoped to question the Roswells about Dave’s disappearance, but fate dealt them another hand and they arrive after the multiple murders. After notifying the police, providing their statements, Dutch and his other business partner, Brice, come to the Roswell home. To make things even more complicated, Dave’s wife appears to have been kidnapped and now they have a handful of trouble. The murdered couple were clients of Dutch and his partners.

Not only is their business caught in the crossfire, but so is the safety of their other clients who have panic rooms. Rather than leave it up to the local authorities to solve, Abby and Candice put on their investigating hats and get right down to the business of trying to figure out what happened to Dave and who is responsible for the deaths of the Roswells, the gardener and the maid.

Could it be Mrs. Roswell’s sister who is eager to inherit the house before the estate is even settled? Perhaps it’s Mr. Roswell’s business partner who has plans of his own when it comes to the direction the company will take. Or was it a former lover?

My opinion–If there’s a psychic movie or book, you’ve got my attention. I was eager to be introduced, even late in the series, to Abby and her mysterious gift. I’ve always felt drawn to psychic experiences, especially psychics that assist law enforcement in their investigations. Victoria is actually a professional psychic, so when you follow Abby and Candice in the Roswell’s home you know reality is mixed in with fiction — the overwhelming strength of the negative energy is real. I hope that she delves deeper into her intuitiveness, sharing what she sees and feels in future books in the series.

The plot kept me interested, but I felt it needed to have a little more action. I found the characters interesting and genuine. They knew the danger involved and they didn’t back down. They looked out for each other.

Four panic rooms out of five

Denise Fleischer


Dec. 9, 2017