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Not a Creature Was Purring

By Krista Davis

A Paws & Claws Mystery

Berkley Prime Crime paperback

Nov. 7, 2017

289 pages, including recipes


It’s Christmas time in Wagtail, Virginia and Sugar Maple Inn’s co-owner Holly Miller is busy trying to make the holiday special for a few children that have lost their parents. When Holly and a friend aren’t sneaking around on a golf cart as elves, they are checking out Rupert Grimpley’s oversized Grinch. Holly is also doing the legwork for her grandmother who is the town’s mayor, running the inn, and manning a Christkindl Market booth.

On top of that, Holly and the crew at the inn are extremely busy catering to the needs of the Thackleberry family. They clearly are demanding, spoiled and have checked out of reality. Among Dale Thackleberry’s clan is an old friend of Holly’s, Holmes Richardson, and his fiancée, Norma Jeanne Blume.

Even though Dale’s daughter, EmmyLou, is doing her best to see that her family has a great holiday, fate has other plans. It will take more than delicious meals and a miniature village to erase the fact that her father was found dead on Grimpley’s property. While some of the family members truly experience loss, others are already trying to determine inheritance.

The pet clothing-line creators seems to have more than a murder investigation to worry about. For one, their company is being blamed for pets losing their fur after wearing their clothing line. Tim and Linda’s son, Blake, seems to have ditched medical school to be a fashion blogger celeb and Norma Jeanne thinks she’s Kim K. and can do whatever she wants.

I read the book because I was looking for a holiday mystery. Not A Creature Was Purring doesn’t disappoint. All the characters, including Trixie (the Jack Russell) and Twinkletoes (a calico cat) have 3D personalities that demand your attention. I actually didn’t guess the guilty party, even though I always think it’s either the person who hates the victim the most or who you trust the most. The storyline moved along with a quick pace. Crazy things kept on happening. I was never bored. Always love visiting the inn to see what Holly and her Oma are up to. Did think Holmes’ situation was resolved too easily. He should have known Holly is the woman for him.

Four out of five huge and outrageous Christmas decorations

Denise Fleischer


Jan. 6, 2018