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The Secret, Book &n Scone Society 1

Book Review

The Secret, Book & Scone Society

By Ellery Adams

Book 1  in a new mystery series

Kensington Publishing


Oct. 31, 2017


Setting: Miracle Springs, North Carolina


A life changing accident altered Nora Pennington’s life. She went from being a married librarian to a woman who feels flawed by her physical scars.

A chance meeting with a stranger at a nearby park might be the last comforting moment the man experiences. Shortly after, his life ends on the railroad tracks. The tragedy stuns Nora and she is determined to form an alliance of women to help solve what she believes is murder.

Nora is the owner of Miracles Books. As a bibliotherapist, she learns what troubles a person and suggests a book to help them best understand and cope with their situation. The other women compliment Nora’s natural gift with their own skills and knowledge. Hester owns the Gingerbread House, Estella a salon and spa, and June works at the local thermal pool. Together, they make up the Secret, Book and Scone Society. They are real women with real issues.

Having spoken with Neil Parrish, the man who died on the tracks, Nora knew that he came to Miracle Springs ahead of his partners to resolve issues before they reoccur. She informs the sheriff that she knew he was a troubled soul but didn’t think he ended his own life. The sheriff believed differently.

Not accepting that belief, the women begin an investigation of their own. They focus on Pine Ridge Properties and learn more about his involvement in the firm and their current project and that’s when things get interesting. Through internet research and going through the motions of being a prospective new homeowner, they are able to gather the facts. Though they place themselves in great danger as its impossible to tell who killed Neil.

I chose to review this book because the cover drew me in. It’s dark and mysterious and written by Ellery Adams. And while it is impossible to read every novel written by a cozy author, she was on top of my TBR list. It is a true challenge to go beyond introducing characters and developing a storyline to actually dig deeper to allow the internal conflicts and past experiences to surface. Ellery did a great job in this new series revealing past situations and emotional wounds. The women knew they had to share the truth about their lives before they could truly be friends.  As for Neil, I think he reached out to another soul because he knew what was going on, what he was part of, was wrong. He needed help. We meet people for a reason.

Five new houses out of five

Denise Fleischer


February 25, 2018