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Marinating in Murder, a Dinner Club Mystery by Linda Wiken, Berkley paperback, 289 pages, $7.99/US

By Linda Wiken

What do you think is the worst thing that can happen to a cop? I’ll tell you because one of my best friends is a cop and it’s happened to her.  Try finding the body of your soon-to-be ex in the back of your SUV! That’s Alison Manovich’s nightmare right now. I’ll tell you up front, she didn’t kill him. And I know that her fellow officers believe that too but they have to be seen as impartial throughout the investigation. So, she’s been suspended with pay and is under strict orders to twiddle her thumbs at home while the police search for the real murderer.

So that’s where we come in, my buds and me in the Culinary Capers Dinner Club. I’m J.J. Tanner and although Alison usually warns us to stay out of police business, and I have had more than my share of murders happen in my professional life, this time we can’t leave it to the cops. Who knows what their attempts at looking ‘above board’ will do to the investigation?  Besides, we have a proven track record – two murders, two killers caught. And of course, we always have had valid reasons for getting involved, beyond the fact that the murders happened at two events I planned as an event planner.

Thinking back, the first murder happened at the 2lst birthday celebration of the daughter of a local IT bigwig. It had an Italian theme and I’d hired an Italian caterer. Big mistake. Not the Italian part but the guy turned out to be a dud. And dead. You can read all about it in Toasting Up Trouble. The cops at first thought I’d make a good suspect because of a fight we’d had. A very loud one, it was. Well, you know how that spurs a gal into investigative mode.

The second murder, this one in Roux the Day, took place on a fundraising Casino Dinner Cruise and I again had to get involved when one of the emcee’s was killed. I’d hired her, after all, and her co-emcee, a member of the Culinary Capers Dinner Club, was the prime suspect.

Anyway, back to this case. You’d think things couldn’t get worse for Alison…but they do. Oh, man…they sure do.

I can’t go into more details right now but you can read all about it yourself because Marinating in Murder, the third in the Dinner Club Mysteries, has just been released.

Just remember, Alison didn’t do it. We all believe in her….do you?


Linda Wiken is the author of the national bestselling Ashton Corners mysteries under the pseudonym Erika Chase and is the former owner of a mystery bookstore.