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Title: Talk to the Paw

Author: By Melinda Metz

Publisher: Kensington

Genre: Fiction

Date on the Shelves: Jan. 30, 2018

Format: Trade paperback

Pages: 281

Cost: $9.95 US/$10.95 CAN

Received this book for an honest review.

Jamie Snyder is at a crossroads in her life. All her relationships with men turned out to be short term. One didn’t want to propose. One thought he needed to take care of himself first. Another didn’t think it necessary to mention he was married. Then her mother became ill and passed away.

It’s time for a new beginning and that meant following her own dreams and changing her life to what “she” wanted. Jamie leaves Avella, PA and heads out to LA with her tabby, Mac Gyver and her inheritance. She finds a vacant bungalow on Storybook Court in old Hollywood and looked forward to designing her future. Her neighbors, Al and Marie add her to their adopted extended family, whether she’s interested or not.  Marie and their neighbor Helen immediately take on the responsibility of being her matchmaker and if that wasn’t bad enough, her tabby has the same plan. Not only does he want to partner his lonely human with another lonely human, he is determined to sneak out of the house and match up other people, as well. He does this by taking one of their possessions and dropping it off on a neighbor’s door mat during the night. He becomes a cat thief and matchmaker, but a former TV detective really thinks its Jamie. So begins an adorable, realistic story of a cat who really cares if his neighbors are happy.

Talk to the Paw is a great animal lover book. Mac Gyver is a clever cat on a mission, but he has a difficult time. David, the man he chose for Jamie, can’t seem to let go of the connection he had with his late wife. He is a devoted husband and she was a big part of his life. Jamie also has a difficult time committing because she needs to learn who she is. So, there was this tension between the two of them and sooner or later they had to realize they were more than friends. Loved the interaction with David’s dog and Mac Gyver, as well.

I see the neighbors as part of a community quilt. Though most would consider Marie and Helen as nosy meddling women, I just think they wanted people to be couples so no one would be alone. That’s how it was for generations. Ruby has a lot to offer, too. The people that naturally involve themselves are unique individuals. The majority of the people in this world follow the rule of “personal space” and that’s how we remain strangers and uncaring. More power to these people.

Four out of five well-meaning cats

Denise Fleischer


May 13, 2018