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Title: Just In Time

Author: Marie Bostwick

Publisher: Kensington Fiction

Format: Trade paperback

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Date On the Shelves: March 27, 2018

Novel setting: Portland, Oregon

Grace Saunders, Nan Wilja and Monica Romano learn that a grief support group isn’t going to help them at this stage of their lives. They didn’t fit in with the older women participating in the group and they weren’t interested recalling memories of the past. They have a lot of living to do, decisions to make, and a need for friendships to help ease the loneliness.

The three women are all dealing with difficult situations.

Nan’s husband died in a plane crash. She’s an empty nester but has an addicted daughter that when she hits bottom calls home for help. Nan is also a devoted pet rescue volunteer who will foster dogs before she even cares for herself.

Monica’s cheating husband died in a boating accident with his girlfriend. She’s caring for her step-children and running a very demanding restaurant. She’s confident, smart and hard- working and often exhausted.

Grace is dealing with a demanding boss, no make that two, and a marriage in limbo. Her husband fell during a hike and now needs 24/7 medical care. She has remained faithful to him, but it becomes difficult when she begins to care for another man. The one thing that eases her mind and soul is her love of sewing. The one thing she doesn’t expect or need is Monica trying to set her up with Luke, who is single, talented and adorable.

What did this book teach me? That’s it never too late to be in love. That there are honest people seeking real relationships. That sisterhood doesn’t have to be connected by a family tree. That sometimes, life works out the twisted roads and obstacles on the path.

I can’t imagine this book being written any other way. All three women’s perspectives were needed. That, alone, had to be a challenge for the author. Job well done.

Four and a half vintage dresses out of five

Denise Fleischer


May 26, 2018