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Title: Best Beach Ever

Author: Wendy Wax

Publisher: Berkley

On the shelves: May 2018

Format: Trade paperback

Genre: Women’s fiction/contemporary

Price: $16.00

Pages: 385

This is a great book. I don’t usually offer my opinion first, but I loved the characters and all their life challenges and was sorry that it ended.

I’m coming in late to the Ten Beach Road series simply because most of the books I read are introduced to me through publisher book review requests. Though I got this one in e-book form, I actually received it as a Mother’s Day gift.

Best Beach Ever opens with these inseparable friends trying to deal with difficult issues. It tackles being taken advantage of, torn between being a mother and a partner, motherhood vs. career, Hollywood craziness (which is actually the norm) and not giving up because happiness isn’t out of reach.

The women worked closely in bringing a manor back from the brink of ruin during a reality TV renovation. Their projects appear to be what empowered their friendship.

Nicole was a A-list matchmaker who met special agent, Joe Giraldi, when he was trying to catch her brother, Malcolm, who was involved in a 3 million-dollar Ponzi scheme. They married and now have twin daughters. Joe works hard to stop crime and is often on the road leaving Nicole alone to raise the girls. He’s hoping to convince her that she needs a nanny and he has the perfect one in mind. Other than being a mom, Nicole needs a challenge to feel content in life.

Madeline Singer is a friend, mother and grandmother. She’s also loved by a musician from the past whose career has been rekindled. She is the pillar of strength that supports not only her family’s lives, but her friends’ lives, as well.

Her daughter, Kyra, is a single mom forced into having her son act in a dark movie. Daniel, who is Dustin’s father, is a popular actor now trying to fill the role as a Hollywood director. Making it difficult is that Kyra and her son had to move out of their home because of financial strain and Dustin meets his father’s family and can’t understand why he’s not part of their lives.

Bitsy Baynard is a former heiress, now living in a one-bedroom cottage thanks to her money- stealing husband who ran off. She’s pretty much living with the fact that there’s nothing she can do to recover her money and divorce her husband until fate steps in.

Avery is an architect who loves a friend she’s known for years. His family problems pushed them apart now they have to decide if they can become a couple and trust once more.

I’ve wanted to read a Wendy Wax book for a while now. I already started collecting them from library book sales. What drew me into this book is the unique sisterhood. They watch out for each other, help get a friend over a mentally and physically exhausting experience, motive each other to pursue goals and relationships, provide a hug when desperately needed and they aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind. I think Wax handles real issues well, presents women realistically and isn’t afraid to make them human. Would love to be invited to one of their sunset toasts.

Five sunset toasts

Denise Fleischer


July 15, 2018



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