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Title: The Guests On South Battery

Author: Karen White

Publisher: Berkley

On the Shelves: Aug. 28, 2018

Format: Trade paperback, Hardcover Jan. 2017

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Price: $16.00

Pages: 337 plus reader’s guide

Setting: Charleston

With the birth of her twins behind her, life seemed to be getting back to normal for Melanie Trenholm. She’s ready to resume her job at the real estate office. Hubby, Jack, is busy carrying for the twins until a nanny is found. When they’re sleeping, he’s able to work on his next writing project.

There are two obstacles standing in the way of Melanie being able to focus on her job. One is the big hole in her backyard where a cistern was found and her friend, Sophie and her students are excavating the area. The second is a prospective client and nanny for her children has inherited a historic home in need of desperate repair. The former owner that their new nanny, Jayne Smith, inherited the home from was Button Pickney. Button had no heirs. She left her crumbling haunted house, which she adored, to Jayne, who is alone in the world. One thing not yet mentioned is that Jayne seems to leave a trail of disturbances. Make a mental note of that. Though, the disturbances were not described by former employers. Oh, and Melanie is a psychic, as well as her mother, Ginette. That alone is a recipe for possible encounters with the long departed and those still present. One can’t help to think that the newly dug hole in Melanie and Jack’s backyard will lead to a discovery. So, you can clearly see who the guests are in both houses.

Jayne seems highly capable to handle the demanding twins. The problem is Melanie tries to push aside her thoughts that Jack is attracted to Jayne and that’s a threat to their marriage. Add on the renovation of Jayne’s house so she can sell it, Sophie finding interesting things in Jayne’s haunted house, Melanie’s cousin appearing to be a piece of work rubbing in Jack and Melanie’s face that her husband’s book will be successful and there’s a pretty good chance one of Melanie’s twins is a psychic, as well.

What did I love about The Guests on South Battery? That it truly captured the essence of those that could not move on. Read this book at night to deepen that haunting setting that will have you trying to understand the confused, possessive and heavy-hearted emotions of the spirit unwilling to go toward judgment and release a more innocent spirit. Gaze into every mirror, watch your step on the stairway, stay out of the bathroom and please be nice to the poor cat.

Four and a half snow globes out of five

Denise Fleischer


September 6, 2018