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In The Cats Came Back, the latest Magical Cats mystery, we learn that Kathleen Paulson’s mother, Thea, was in the musical Mamma Mia and let Kathleen wear one of her outfits from the show—including a pair of silver platform boots—for a Halloween costume one year.

Mamma Mia features the music of ABBA, who hit their height of fame in the 1970s. The second movie based on the group’s songs is in theatres now. (With Cher! Yay!) That got my friends and me reminiscing. What about you? Are you a child of the 70s? Do any of the following apply to you?

You know all the words to at least one ABBA song.

 You have a photo of your Dad in a leisure suit and white shoes.

 You owned a mood ring.

 There’s a pet rock in a box in your basement, along with your earth shoes and some 8-track tapes.

 You believed that eating Pop Rocks and drinking Coke could kill you.

 You owned a Hollie Hobbie purse—which is in that box in the basement underneath your earth shoes.

 You have danced on roller skates to Stayin’ Alive and think Saturday Night Fever is an American classic. (Because it is.)

 A bike with a banana seat was the way you got around.

 You wrote a fan letter to Shaun Cassidy.

 You owned gaucho pants.

 For Mother’s Day you made your mom a macramé plant holder.

 You wore Love’s Baby Soft perfume and cleaned your face with Ten-O-Six cleanser.

 You had a satin bomber jacket that you wore to the roller rink.

 You know who Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane is.

 The words, “Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive,” meant must-see TV.

 Your first kiss happened in someone’s shag-carpeted basement family room by the light of a lava lamp.