Title: How to Find Love in a Bookshop

Author: Veronica Henry

Publisher: Penguin Books

On the Shelves: July 10, 2018

Format: Trade paperback

Genre: Fiction

Price: $16.00

Pages: 340 pages

Before her father died, Emilia promised him she would do whatever it took to keep Nightingale Books alive. The bookstore he created was not only a community treasure, it offered years of education and entertainment. Now with her father gone, it was her responsibility to carry on his life’s work.

Julius was a young man when the sudden death of his wife left him as the sole caregiver of their infant daughter. Though he had no idea how to care for Emilia, he gave her love, a safe and secure home and instilled in her a thirst for literature. Rebecca was the love of his life and he cherished their brief time together. Emilia never knew her mother.

With her father’s passing, she now has to deal with the years of debt that Julius stacked on his desk like a TBR pile. But there is someone else with a list, Ian Mendip and he has the right man to set his plan in motion.

With the love and assistance of her friends and staff, Emilia has a fighting chance to save Nightingale Books but it will take more than few promotional events to stabilize the business. Emilia has to decide if this is the future she wishes to have, if she wants to return to her career, and if there is a chance to find a little bit of happiness along the way.

“How to Find Love in a Bookshop” is about not losing hope, the struggle to be productive, to pay debt and to keep one’s legacy alive. Even if it feels like there’s not a chance in the world to survive certain realities, that you can push yourself beyond your limits and achieve your goals. That you’re not alone in the world. That you need to lean on those that stand beside you and love will find a way.

Providing Julius’ story helps the reader understand his past and the devotion necessary for Emilia to have a stable life and a loving home. It also paints him as a man and not some perfect member of a community. His relationship after his wife’s death is sad for both him and the woman he loved. What stood in the way of them having a life together? I did love the book and hope to read other novels written by Veronica Henry.

Four best sellers out of five

Denise Fleischer


Sept. 23, 2018