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Title: You Lucky Dog

Author: Debra Finerman

Publisher: Stewart’s Grove Press

On the Shelves: June 6, 2018

Format: Paperback

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Price: $8.99 paperback, Kindle: $2.99

Pages: 226

Setting: LA

Just when Jake and Emma begin their life together, the unexpected happens. Living in LA is hard enough. Add El Nino and you have dangerous driving circumstances. While most people avoid being on the road during a downpour, Jake agrees to take Emma’s Westie to the vet.

Fate steps in and one careless move lands Jake in an unusual situation. His spirit leaves his body and enters the adorable form of the dog. Not sure how two spirits are occupying the furry body, but they are.

Talk about challenges, Emma’s husband is no longer human, yet he retains the experiences and knowledge of his former self. He has no other choice, but to go on existing as a dog. There is an exception and that is he can talk. Of course, this will be a skill that will cause a lot of heads to turn. What are the obstacles? That would be everything. They can no longer be husband and wife. He cannot communicate in public. He can’t drive, walk in parks without a leash and then there’s the dog-to-dog issues. Let’s not go there.

There are also the advantages. He doesn’t have to work and everything is done for him. He can also find a way to help Emma make ends meet.

You Lucky Dog is a light humorous version of a “what if.” Anything is possible in life and death. We don’t have any answers unless we have a near-death experience. This book puts Emma’s husband in an unforgettable situation and makes you believe it has actually happened. It makes you think of all the things we grow accustom to, which we take for granted, and that they can disappear with a simple human error. How adaptable one would have to become to accept their fate.

The ending seemed to come on quickly and not what I expected. I really wanted to know what happened to the spirit of the dog. Cute book, though, I just needed a few more answers. I don’t want to offer a spoiler, but I can’t help thinking Jake’s spirit was waiting for his body to heal and entered Emma’s dog to continue to function even in the simplest level of existence. Dog lovers will get a kick out of this book.

Three adorable dogs out of five

Denise Fleischer


Oct. 21, 2018