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The Whispered Word

By Ellery Adams


Dec. 2018

Mystery Series, book 2


Author’s website: ElleryAdamsMysteries.com

Setting: Miracle Springs, North Carolina

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n Ellery Adam’s “The Whispered Word” a mysterious and extremely thin young woman has found shelter in Nora Pennington’s bookshop. The members of the “Secret, Book and Scone Society” have no idea where she’s from or why she’s on the run. There’s no reason to believe the young woman will trust them enough to share her story. The only thing they know is that she has a unique ability to make something magical with only a few materials.

Nora’s nurturing manner guides her to open her home to the young woman known as Abilene. With patience and empathy, the girl will eventually reveal the nature of her difficult circumstances. In the meantime, they needed to deliver their kindness bags to local residents having financial issues. During one of their deliveries they discover the unthinkable. The body in the pond just happens to be someone they know. No sooner do the authorities pull Amanda out of the disgusting water, does her son immediately appear to be interested in selling her rare book collection. Nora and her friends quickly learn that Amanda and her son didn’t have a close relationship. Clearly, he’s after whatever funds he can dig up. But the plot gets more complicated with a second alleged murder.

The mystery points to several possibilities: Amanda’s son, a local appraiser, and the person Abilene is running from. This time I didn’t figure out who the killer was. Way to go Ellery.

This is the second book in A Secret, Book, and Scone Society series. I continued to relate and care for Nora and her friends. These women have lived difficult lives and somehow survived them. They have earned their wisdom. I looked forward to the challenges and their special bond. I was drawn to the heartache and fear of Abilene and wondered why Nora couldn’t trust her. Why she always feels more comfortable being alone. I think Nora has to break out of  her little protected world and live again. If the guilt that’s crept into her soul continues to grow, she has to find a healing way out.

Money and deception are at the heart of this book. Looking forward to the next in the series.

four and a half rare books out of five

Denise Fleischer


April 6, 2019




–Notes from Denise

Author of Deadly Reservations and GWN blogger

I read The Woman in Cabin 10which wasn’t on my TBR review list, and loved it. My daughter, Lauren, bought me another one of Ruth’s books. It’s in one of my bookcases and I have to dig it out. I think you should read it. It’s pretty darn good.
After having breakfast at Walker Brothers, my 819C5-ySiOLpartner drove me to Barnes and Noble and I just happened to find the 9781496718990_p0_v2_s550x406next “Mac” book by Melinda Metz. If you’re a cat lover you have to read Talk to the Paw, that’s the first book. I bought The Secret Life of Mac  this time around. Think furry matchmaker and that’s who this lovable tabby is. I think Mac can give some lessons to human beings. Most of the time we don’t have a clue how to bring happiness to others.

9780451490711_p0_v3_s550x406I’m currently reading A Dangerous Collaboration (Berkley Hardcover; March 12, 2019). From page one, I’ve love Deanna Raybourn’s style of writing. I love Veronica Speedwell’s liberated attitude and actions as a Victorian-era sleuth. She’s a lepidopterist by trade. That means, she travels around the world collecting rare specimens of butterflies. As for secondary characters, brothers Tiberius and Stoker have that lost era personality and culture. You’ll want to meet them. I’ll have a review as soon as I finish. Kind of wish I had the other books in the series, as well.


I bought an adorable Lang blank journal so I can start writing poetry 
image001-3again. You’ve got to love the ability to share your thoughts with the rest of the world.

After I finish reading, A Dangerous Collaboration, I’ll be reading Winter Sisters (Penguin, fiction) by Robin Oliveira next. It’s a “gripping thriller, part family saga and ultimately a story of trauma and resilience that explores the tremendous good and unspeakable evil of which humans are capable.” The novel is set in New York, 1879. I haven’t read many historicals from this time period so I’m interested in learning about society then.

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