Harry the Wonder Cat is a cozy mystery series that deals with murder, revenge and a magical cat who saves the day. In each book, Harry is challenged with mysteries that perplex the humans around him until Harry steps in and lends a helping paw.

“The Legend of the Pink Diamond” is the first book of the series. In it, we meet Harry and find out what makes him so special. He introduces us to his gang of cats who work alongside him to find the killer of his guardian.

The most important thing when writing a book (besides figuring out what your plot will be) is your characters. I created cat characters, as well as humans and found that creating the personalities of the cats were easier to write.

When it came to “casting” the felines, I had only to look as far as my Facebook community page, Kitty Tales. I opened up auditions for the cat stars to the cats of my followers. They quickly sent photos along with a few personality quirks and voila… I had Harry’s gang.

Creating the human characters, that was most difficult. My process is to go online and get pictures of all of my characters and then assign physical and personality traits to them. I give them all backstories; what it is that makes them who they are today.

Their goals are very important to the storyline. For instance, the sheriff in my book has a hatred for my protagonist’s family that goes way back to when he and Nikki’s father were in high school, vying for the same girl’s heart. The sheriff lost and has been trying to get revenge on the Johnson family ever since. He thinks he finally found the opportunity when it appears that Nikki killed her aunt for the family money.

I’m working on the second book now. In this one, Harry, his new guardian, Nikki, and their roommate go on a vacation to Jamaica and land in the middle of a 90-year-old murder mystery. It promises to be an exciting sequel to “The Legend of the Pink Diamond.”

The series is written for an audience of readers that are ages 13+.

The “Legend of the Pink Diamond” is available on Amazon.

You can follow Harry on his blog.

Look for the second book of The Harry the wonder Cat Series, “Harry’s Ghostly Vacation, soon.

Denise Brixey