Change. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I am definitely in the former category. If I don’t like my job, I look for a new one. If my relationship isn’t what I want, I break up with the person. If a friendship goes sour, see you later. Life is too short not to off load baggage and shake things up every now and again, at least for me.

Writing Annabelle Martin’s story in my romcom Wait For It, was as natural as breathing. Just like our intrepid heroine, I, too, packed up most of my stuff and headed to Arizona from New England when I was in my mid twenties and life had gotten completely stale. Were there things I missed after such a huge move? Absolutely.

Family and friends were missed quite desperately, but they all love coming to AZ to visit, so that worked out. As for jobs, I tried on a bunch until I found one that stuck. The things I hadn’t expected to miss were what hit me the hardest. I missed diners. There’s really only Denny’s or IHOP in my new state, so no mini jukebox at the end of each booth, no revolving dessert carousel by the counter.  It was tragic. I longed for the ocean but then discovered Arizona’s beach, Rocky Point, Mexico, is only a few hours away. Doable. I craved seafood, but soon found out that there is a plethora of Mexican food in AZ and in so many varieties — Baja, Sonora, Chihuahua, to name a few. I truly don’t think I could give up Mexican food at this point. I hear there are excellent Mexican restaurants back east but I am dubious.

Change can be less dramatic than the move across the country that Annabelle makes. It can come in the form of changing the self sabotaging behaviors of a lifetime to fully embrace the opportunity for happiness when it presents itself. Our hero, Nick Daire, is presented with just such a task. Nick’s journey forced me to look at some of my own hardwiring to see what behaviors I had developed over the years to protect myself. It was a very enlightening to write Nick’s story.

Wait For It is ultimately a romcom about growth and becoming your best self. I learned so much from both Annabelle and Nick as we journeyed together while writing their stories. It is my hope, dear readers, that you do, too.

Jenn McKinlay

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