Blog Tour Stop & Cover Reveals

books on shelf

Allow Gotta Write to give your book the attention it deserves. 3 day blog tour stop includes:

Day 1 – An in-depth interview focusing on what you need your readers to know: who you are, what you’ve accomplished in terms of novels and experiences, and a highlight of your latest book.

Day 2 – An excerpt of the first chapter, including where to purchase the book.

Day 3 – Guest blog post with pictures.

We’re adding even more ways for you to promote your next great novel!

Day 4 – Up to a 5 book summary with pictures. This is an opportunity for your books from last year, or the year before, to get coverage.

Day 5 – Two months of event listings. Tell them where you’ll be meeting your readers.

Day 6 – Photo gallery – Up to 6 pictures featured from your booksignings and photo captions.

Day 7 – Entitles you to a press release.

Prices: 3-day-$25, 4 day-$30, 5 day-$35, 6-day-$40, 7 day-$45.

Email: for information. “Blog Tour Spot” in the subject line.


Have a new book coming out and you want GWN’s readers to learn about it? Send the book’s jpg and a two-paragraph summary to Send both the link to your website and where it will be sold. Write: Cover Reveal in the subject line. Fee is $20 for 2 days. For more information, email


Banners on GWN $30 for 4 days.

Book Launch Tours $10 for 1 day.

Your newsletter copy $15 for 1 day.

Just the book cover and ordering links $25.00 for 15 days.

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