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Turn over your writing needs to Gotta Write Network. I’ve been writing human interest articles for 32 years covering everything from life’s challenges to achievements. I’ve interviewed people in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago 6-year’s-old to over 100. Talked to children, Eagle Scouts, buiness owners, club and organization members, artists, musicians and even a survivor of a shipwreck.

Let me help you with the following services at a price you can afford.

* PRESS RELEASES. – Whether you’re an author or business owner, hire me as a writer on demand to create the press release that best serves your needs. This can be the editorial you need to accompany your advertising.

* WEB CONTENT – You’re paying a good portion of your hard-earned money for a website but have minimal content. That’s not using your investment to it’s full potential. Allow Gotta Write to write informative interviews featuring up-to-the-minute updates about you, detailed product info, work with you on better blog entries and informative articles.

*FREELANCE ARTICLES FOR NEWLETTERS AND PRINT PUBLICATONS – Gotta Write can present you with interviews with your staff or other professionals to make your newsletters more informative.

*AUTHOR PAGE ON GOTTA WRITE – We’re living busier lives and often don’t have the opportunity to write let alone create a blog. Let Gotta Write create a page on this blog for you. Let our interviews and book reviews lead people to you today!

Skype: Denise.Fleischer (IL)


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