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284913_249183118434351_2184648_nI’m Denise Fleischer. I call Illinois home, but prefer to believe I can go anywhere in the universe. The majority of the time I can be found at home writing my next book or at the Journal & Topics Newspapers processing copy and writing articles. I recently received honorable mention by the Illinois Press Association for an article I wrote about a man who served on the Kitty Hawk. I am the author of “The Guardian,” “Altar of Freedom” and “Deadly Reservations,” a paranormal thriller. I’m currently trying to get “The Sharp Edge of Truth,” published and I’m writing the next Zoe Montgomery novel. This one is paranormal/science fiction. My interest in time travel and the paranormal began with “The Time Tunnel” and Dark Shadows television shows. When I’m not writing, I’m reading women’s fiction and mysteries for review, working on this blog, knitting, painting, and chilling in Second Life.

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