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There is so much to learn about art and the perspectives of those who devote their life to this exceptional freedom of expression. I invite you to email me at to set up an interview. Let’s share your work with the world.

I’d like to introduce you to Allison Reimus, a Mt. Prospect, Illinois artist who is focusing on a new twist of abstract art. I recently had the privilege of interviewing her for the newspaper I work for.


Artist Spotlight – Allison Reimus by Denise Fleischer


Allison Reimus’ abstract artwork is being featured in the “New American Paintings: Midwest Edition” exhibit at the Elmhurst Art Museum in Illinois through Aug. 23.

New American Paintings is a museum-quality art publication promoting the work of talented painters. Each issue features artwork chosen from juried competition. While thousands enter, only a small number make it through the jury process.

This is the first physical exhibition in the publication’s 22 years of going to press.


vessel_232_9x9_large, available at



untitledtrianglecollage_11x13_large, available at


Reimus’ work was chosen for the 2014 Midwest edition of New American Paintings by Staci Boris, chief curator at the Elmhurst Art Museum. Boris was a juror for that issue of the magazine. Reimus answered an open call for submissions by sending four images of her most recent work. Judging was done through a blind jury system, meaning judges were not aware of the artists’ names and what they had submitted.

“I have seven paintings in the EAM show, including two of the three that were originally chosen for the publication,” said Reimus. “I had just finished two of the works the week before the show went up. The paint was probably still wet in some areas.”

In describing her work as “representational abstraction,” Reimus means you can see the shapes and forms that she is abstracting from. With her current work, it’s a quilt pattern, vase or vessel. Her chosen forms are often those “associated with domesticity.” Viewers of her paintings may sense the culturally-familiar quilt patterns of yesteryear.

Reimus’ work is painted on linen or canvas and includes various materials such as oil, gold leaf, spray paint, glitter, sandpaper and collage. The layering makes it unique and interesting. Her work ranges in size from 8”x8” to 14” x 16”. Both she and Boris worked on selecting the right arrangement for the museum exhibit. The grouping had to have a natural feel rather than artwork displayed on various walls.

“I’m happy to be in such great company in such a thoughtful exhibition in a beautiful museum like EAM,” she said.

“It’s my experience that if I make paintings that feel genuine to my own path, then that sincerity will expose itself,” Reimus said. “I have an interest in painting objects and ideas that exist in the domestic realm and I think viewers can pick up on that.”

This is the second time Reimus has been included in a New American Paintings edition. The first was in the South issue in 2010 when she was living in Washington, D.C.

The museum is located at 150 S. Cottage Hill Ave., Elmhurst, Illinois.

(Reprinted from the Journal & Topics Newspapers)





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