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cookbook-conspiracy-175Book Review – A Cookbook Conspiracy

A Bibliophile Mystery

By Kate Carlisle

Penguin, An Obsidian Mystery

May 6, 2014

$7.99, 323 pages

Includes recipes and an excerpt from her next book


Brooklyn Wainwright might not know how to cook, but when it comes to the art of bookbinding, she’s a professional. It’s no surprise that her sister, Savannah, asks her to restore a cookbook that she wishes to return to her ex-boyfriend, Baxter. Brooklyn immediately recognizes the rare and precious cookbook, circa 1782, which is part receipts and journal of a cook named Obedience Green.  After restoring the book, Brooklyn finds it difficult to part with it, though she does give it back to her sister.

During a guest chef event celebrating Baxter Cromwell’s new San Francisco restaurant, Savannah presents him with the rare cookbook. Clearly, his reaction wasn’t what either of the Wainwright girls expected. Not only didn’t he appreciate the gift, he was angry she presented it to him in public.

The explanation for his anger was not stated as Baxter was found dead in his own kitchen by Savannah. The authorities suspect his old friends of killing him and demand that they don’t leave town. Now, the only thing cooking is mistrust. Any one of them can be Baxter’s killer.

A Cookbook Conspiracy is an intelligent mystery with history in the mix. Friendship, jealousy, greed, distrust are all part of the storyline. The characters all have realistic personalities, backgrounds and roles. Not only does each chapter keep you turning the pages, it makes you hungry. You’ll gain more than a few pounds with this novel. Loved the setting and the intrigue, as well as the secondary characters. A great book and I do hope to read more from Kate Carlisle.

Five rare cookbooks out of five

Denise Fleischer (Netera@aol.com)


May 9, 2014