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Muffin to Fear

By Victoria Hamilton

A Merry Muffin Mystery

Berkley Prime Crime

Paperback, 295 pages

July 25, 2017

In Victoria Hamilton’s “Muffin to Fear,” you know the honeymoon is over when you return home to chaos.

That’s what newlyweds Virgil and Merry experience the moment they drive up to Wynter Castle. Apparently, Merry’s friend gave permission for the “Haunt Hunt” TV show crew to film at the family home. Along with this uniquely unplanned honor comes the incredible inconvenience the crew has caused when they take over the place. They are terribly demanding with their endless need to be fed and have their electric cords everywhere.

During the routine bickering and hectic rush to prepare the setting, psychics Millicent and Janice state that they witnessed ghosts in military garb near the dining room and out on the lawn. There seems to be a lot more going on with people sneaking around and jealous of each other’s time and talent. So, it’s not a total shocker when two of them stage a prank, involve a third Haunt Hunt crew member, and bam someone’s dead. The rigged prank had turned deadly. While the authorities begin their investigation, Merry begins her own. The crew and their executive director, Todd, are forced to stay for the time being. With the help of a librarian, a student photographer and other close friends, Merry might just figure out who the guilty party is.

Loved the behind-the-scenes sneaking around, what it must be like to film a TV show and the expectation of seeing spirits. Liked trying to figure out who was an actor and who was actually a genuine psychic. Would have liked to have seen or sensed more than what was offered paranormally during the storyline. Having a spirit assisting in the case, following people around or moving things would have been cool. Loved the characters and eager to read more of Hamilton’s books.

Four out of five TV cameras


December 10, 2017

Denise Fleischer